Quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash by scotland symons

Like the title says just a quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash and cardboard. When filming or building I try to reuse as much of the left over or junk parts to scratch build other things. This bit of ghetto film tech will probably last a while and I didn't have to waste time 3d printing it or spending any money to get another adapter.

If you have done something similar share it because I want to see what you built!

Trying Something New by scotland symons

So I decided to try something new and invest a ton of time into video and try and figure out how that all works and as a way to show off some of my other stuff I do and put together between art projects. I have been wanting to get into video for a while and have been working on teaching myself the full process of lighting, acting, video, and editing you know in my free time. :D

I am experimenting with different styles and flows trying to figure out what works so it will be a little bit before I get a regular video upload schedule. But until then check out my new channel and the work I have been doing.

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The Black Lute by scotland symons

Thanks to a friend this past summer I became the owner of a broken Lute left by a rubbish bin in an alley. It was in sad shape with broken and missing frets warped and damaged wood it had seen better days. I didn't know what to do with it but this past week I got an idea to goth it out. I started with striping it down to basics and repairing the damaged wood cutting, replacing, and reshaping its look.

fixing the inlay as well as reshaping the flow of the neck and head. Also so much sanding along with more sanding.

With all that completed I gave it a new black enamel coat and let it sit for 3 days to cure. Today started with sanding for another few hours along with creating an all new distressed wash on the front face. From there I went on to burnish the entire piece before hand drawing patterns all over the front face. concluding with hand applied candle wax finish and polishing followed by waxing.

The pattern I wanted to keep simplistic and I went for designs I used to draw in my books in high school to really get the angsty goth feel. It ends up blending really well with the sanded enamel wash on the front face. 

So far it sounds really wonderful and has a really interesting sound, tomorrow I am going to tweak the pickup a bit more and see if I can refine the sound and upload a video.

lvl23 Studios Art show (photos) by scotland symons

A few weeks ago the artists in my building (including me) had opened their studios up to visitors who will have a chance to see art in progress or completed. There was painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media arts, fashion design and metal arts and glass arts. 

It was an awesome event and I am really happy that everyone got a chance to come, it was a blast seeing everyone. I managed to take some photos during the day and also managed to get some 30sec portraits. 

Thanks again you all are the reason I keep doing and making!

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