Microstellar V3

The in my series of chemicals on glass that remind me of space. All new chemicals and combinations combine to create my most vivid plates yet. These are my continued experimentation of making a series on images of liquids painted on glass to simulate interstellar nebulas and gas clouds. Each one is made up of varying liquids (alcohol, water, milk, hair dye, dish soap, peroxide, glycerin), particles (glitter, salt, ash, sand), and then lit with different lights (led, florescent, candle). Using all of those items I compose and paint a scene that I capture with one long exposure shot.

Heres a link to my blog post on how I make them.

LUV is Stronger

In this recent series I have also done some plates using the same technique for an upcoming book called "LUV is Stronger" that shares stories from the LGBTQ community.

Behind the Scenes

Some of the behind the scenes in the making of these.