I have always gotten small bits of work here an there making stickers, poster, flyers, and album artwork. I always found it to be a fun way to get creative and play with different styles. Below are some random ones that I will keep updating over time.

The black AMEX ended up becoming an actual printed credit card, sticker, and stencil. It is maybe one of my favorite images from the years and I always incorporate it into my art shows in one way or another.

Oh the stickers, since 2005 I have been making stickers in one form or another. I am super proud of this series that I have been working on since then and have released them slowly into the wild over the past 10 years. I call it my unprincess series.

Mad Max inspired - Stylized posters using the imagery from the wasteland series. Stylized in several ways both 80's flash and Pulp or cult movie style.


A super old poster I did for Defcon oh so many years ago. Simple classic 80's style printed tech manual.