This is an experiment using a post apocalyptic theme like Mad Max to do a study of a character. I used my self as the subject and made quick costumes in spirit of a character from the films. The goal was to not let the costume be the focus but rather the whole representation of the character. I spent several hours in preparation for each one to try and get the feeling of what it would be like to be that person, the method behind the clothing and did it fit the style.

So far I have done three from the latest movie and am working on an additional 3 that I will post as soon as they are shot.  These are all inspired by MAD MAX fury road, characters completed thus far are as follows; (Furiosa, Vuvalini, Nux "warboy")



Nux "the Warboy"

A little forgiveness on this one as I have to redo the "V8" on my chest and I made the mistake of drawing it in the mirror so its backwards in a few shots. I know that this character has an engine instead of words but this project was not meant to be accurate with the costume but rather follow the spirit of the character.