Remembering Bowie by scotland symons

Its a Link! by scotland symons

Dark Mark by scotland symons

Forgot to post this one from a while back it was an old project that I never finished due to competing deadlines of another project. Who knows maybe one day I will bring it back.

Holtzman V2 by scotland symons

Still playing around with the Holtzman look, I was going to do a bunch more but another project took priority.

Just a fun build video for my Holtzmann kit. I am not building the whole thing from scratch just due to time but I am making a bunch of the parts and getting the overall style down. The build video unlike my others is in its long form meaning no time lapse just all full walk through.

Holtzman by scotland symons

Les Paul by scotland symons

Feeling the 90's by scotland symons

Feeling the 90's in testing and getting gear ready for a photoshoot later today. I like making up fun characters and thought it would be fun to totally channel one of my old high school friends. #photography #inthestudio

Another Hotel Room by scotland symons

Travel is always a good thing for me and mind always floats through thoughts, my last trip out of town was no exception and I feel like this last photo captured that moment of reflection and thought.

Candidate by scotland symons

I am a way better candidate than the people that are currently running for president in the the US, but know that my politics would be close to that of the hunger games.