Quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash by scotland symons

Like the title says just a quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash and cardboard. When filming or building I try to reuse as much of the left over or junk parts to scratch build other things. This bit of ghetto film tech will probably last a while and I didn't have to waste time 3d printing it or spending any money to get another adapter.

If you have done something similar share it because I want to see what you built!

VLOG: Kauai exploration, vacation, and photo shoots by scotland symons

My latest trip off again to Hawaii this time visiting Kauai for the first time. I wanted to check out the filming location from Jurassic Park and do some time in those spots to photograph and work on a few ideas. It was a great time and I met some really awesome people and went to some really awesome spots. I wish I could have captured them all but I was either working a photo location or just trying not to get hurt and forgot to film them.

I definitely will be back there is a few abandoned spots and some rougher hikes that I want to prep for and bring a different gear roll out.

Trying Something New by scotland symons

So I decided to try something new and invest a ton of time into video and try and figure out how that all works and as a way to show off some of my other stuff I do and put together between art projects. I have been wanting to get into video for a while and have been working on teaching myself the full process of lighting, acting, video, and editing you know in my free time. :D

I am experimenting with different styles and flows trying to figure out what works so it will be a little bit before I get a regular video upload schedule. But until then check out my new channel and the work I have been doing.

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