Japan in 35mm / by scotland symons

Finally getting around to processing my film from my last trip to Japan. I am actually still working through all of the digital content as well. The trip east this time was purely to spend more time in a place that inspires me in so many ways. No matter how many time I set foot on that Island I find myself further lost in its beauty and culture.

While I was there I put out a challenge for myself to find a few film cameras to shoot with. I ended up finding two both very different but very special.

The first camera was found for 500yen (around 5$) in a discount bin in a camera store in Kyoto (http://www.cameranonaniwa.co.jp/).

It was assumed to be broken but I had a feeling and gave it a once over and thought I could make it work. the employees at the store were amused and were convinced that it wouldn't. I was so confident that I got a battery and some film. The store employees were nice and just gave the camera to me, they honestly wanted to see if I could get it to work after my friend Matt had told them I was some kind of wizard and could make magic happen. No pressure, so I gave it a go and gave it a little love a little shake and loaded it with film. Guess what that day I made magic happen and this was the first picture.

It was a little out of focus but after a bit more tweaking and cleaning and I got it to sharpen up. The metering I think is still bit of a crap shoot but the photos that it produced are haunting and so full of emotion. 

The next camera was a bit of a trick and it wasn't until we came back to Tokyo in the second week that I was able to find it. I had always wanted a Contax, I love the style and design and weight and feel of it when its in your hand. Its heaver than you expect but smooth and is well fit in the hand. It honestly feels like a but of lush jewelry with its cool metal finish. The Contax has been compared to a few Leica's and has a bit of a following. They are not on the expensive side of cameras but they are also not a bargain bit camera. It was found at (http://lucky-camera.com/) for around 250$ with 90mm lens it may have been more or less depending on rates but it was a lust purchase. Here's its first image.

Its smooth and everything I thought it would be, the photos that is produces are clean but have character. Its now become one of the cameras I like to keep with me in my bag  for everyday.

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