Going with a theme / by scotland symons

Using a theme helps me focus on a thing and I am currently working on a series of Mad Max inspired shots working to capture the personalities from the recent movie "Fury Road".  Using what I had laying around the house to build up costumes and props to help define each character I wanted to make sure the costume wasn't a perfect copy but rather got the feel of the character in question. Each had a different feel and to me tells a bit of a story about that fictional person.

You can find the full series here in the portfolio.

In showing these photos around one in particular inspired a short fictional tale about the character that I would like to share.

Story By Tristan Crouch

"The Vuvulini Sniper has killed more wasteland scavs than anyone, being responsible for closing the trap on those their "bait" brings in. However, removed via scope from the visceral horror of close combat, they have also seen numerous sisters die at adistance. The sniper's relationship with their weapon keeps them sane - the world lost the soma of television in the collapse, and with it, the luxurious sense of detachment from the horrors of the world it provided. 
Despite their cold and steady killing hand, the sniper has been uniquely able to keep a sense of humor that many of their sisters have pushed into dormant places out of hard necessity, as the tragedies of the world will always be something that happens to somone else, far away.
Their sisters do not begrudge them the luxury - not only has the sniper turned the tide of many a battle by felling dozens as if by act of goddess; but the warmth they bring to the table at the end of the day through their cracked perspective and genuine laughter makes the harsh reality of survival more bearable, day after day - no matter the number of newly empty seats at the table."