Delays and Illness / by scotland symons

Its always an unfortunate thing when you have to delay a project. This past winter after I unveiled plans for the Wizards project I was on a great path to getting what I thought would be a small project going. Well I was wrong I quickly became overwhelmed by the response and I am still haven't had a chance to answer all of the emails that came in of wonderful people that want to become part of the project. Soon after I got pretty darn sick and have been for the last several months which further robbed me of time and energy. 

All of that along with regular world needs like work and bills put the nail in the coffin to delay that project out for a while. There is good news on the horizon though. I found out the reason I kept getting sick and am going to have to undergo a bit of surgery to get it all sorted. The good news is there is a quick recovery and then I will be back in action.

I have also decided to rebuild the project into something new and better after some amazing feedback and interest. Stay tuned its going to get really awesome this spring!!!