Getting back to work / by scotland symons

As time rolls on we all get caught up in the moment and fall out of habit's and well I got out of the habit of posting to the blog. So trying to get back on that train as I have new work in the hopper and new projects rolling out. 

Here's the list of up coming changes:

  • Moving away from flickr 
    • It just needs to happen at least for my main work, I will still probably post from time to time my street photography work but I am going to be pushing all of my series work to this site.
  • New Project Series in the works
    • Micro Stellar (series 2) - Yup thats right the second installment of my tine slices of space are in the works and hopefully be done in the next month.
    • This is Human - An exploration in to portraits and capturing people in a moment of emotion. The setup and style is set and I currently have a few of myself to kick the set off.
    • Symmetry City - Continuing the series of symmetrical oddities of the world, more will be uploaded over the next month.
    • Photo Graphic the Book!!! - thats right its in the works and there will be more details to come over the next month.
  • Video/podcast series is also in the works to add to the collection of weird content from my very strange mind.