Depression and Legos / by scotland symons

I wanted to share a bit about depression, its a near and dear topic for me and my life. As far back as I can remember I have dealt with depression. Some days are better then most but when it strikes it like a crippling river of emotion that destroys any of the good I've built up in myself.  I tried every medication under the sun and unfortunately I am one of those lucky people where the side effect are worse then the depression. So years ago I tried several different ways to handle it beyond medication that I want to share.

Being a creative person I tend to always burry myself in a project hoping to lose myself to the ebb and flow of where ever that project may take me. When depression strikes I fell robbed of all that drive and motivation. I find that distracting and focusing my mind is the best way to break that cycle. But how to focus when emotions are tough and driving me to not be able to break free of its hold. Enter the LEGO! I have always found an affinity towards LEGO, its a toy that has always just delighted me. So in a bout of of a bad case of depression I grabbed a box of LEGOs that I never built and I thought why not. What I found was really interesting unlike a book or movie or anything else I've ever tried this got me back to a self manageable level of depression faster. 

So this became a regular thing that I tried again and got the same results. I think its as effective as it is because its a driven simple instruction based activity thats colorful and tactile. Its soothing and quiet and in the end there is a thing so it feels really productive. 

I also found it a great way to deal with anxiety and when I am just plain sick. A while ago a good friend turned me on to the Spoon theory.  And what I have also found is not only is this methodology helpful with triggers for things like depression and anxiety I can recharge it a bit  with a lego activity. 

So now my world is different the depression isn't gone its a part of me and  part of who I am. But I have found ways to live with it and find a better place to be. Sometime my trip home from work looks like some wine and LEGOs, its my very own prescription medication. On the plus side its cheaper on the down side I don't know where to put all the finished ones.

The truth is depression is a real thing that you shouldn't have to hide from. Most who never suffer from it will never quite understand and so its up to us the individuals who live with it to find our own paths no matter what they be. LEGOs helped me and who knows maybe they can help you. I think the greater thought I would leave you with is try something new and even simple you may be surprised at the results. Our brains are more powerful then we give them credit and new pathways  and coping mechanisms can be formed if we give them a shot.