Insta Pinhole Camera! / by scotland symons


I was inspired by a friend Hank (espressobuzz) to build a pinhole camera. He had put one together a week or two ago and I wanted to try and have a crack at it as well. 

The camera is made from the following parts. 

- cardboard

- a empty soda can

- old instaback for a medium format camera

- gaffers tape

- foam strip left over from packaging


rhis concept is a simple one, a small hole exposes film to light in a controlled manor to obtain a picture.  

Step one: remove the plate ment to adapt the insta film holter to a medium format camera to allow full exposure to the film. Every insta back will be a little different but the concept is the same. 


Step two: make a cardboard box to cover the exposure plate. The box size depends on the film and pin hole size. I looked at the site below for inspiration and measurements. 


in the end it may look like this.  


The pinhole is simply a bit of aluminum from a soda can that I made a hole in using a sewing needle. No special method but I was general and patient as to not warp the metal. I used a bit of metal that I found lying around as a surround for the opening, it has no real function but I like the looks. 


Added a bit of foam at the bottom for leveling. 


Secured it all up with gaff tape and a little hot glue and I was good to go. Here is the first shot I took with it. It was about a 7min exposure and I am quite happy withe the result. 


Here is the timing chart that I use.