Ruakuri Caving by scotland symons

I am just back from maybe one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I am just getting going on the footage and the photos that I took. On this trip I had the privilege of time to go on a caving tour of the Waitomo Glowworm caves. This was a group tour provided by the Black Water Rafting company ( that is a direct partner with the caves themselves. The caves are so well kept and preserved for how much traffic they see so I am beyond impressed with the work that this group does to keep them this way.

On the trip they wanted us to focus on the climbing and the adventure bit and asked that we not bring in our own cameras. I respect that and since I had never climbed or caved here it made a lot of sense. The photos were taken by one of our guides and I cleaned them up a bit. 

To learn more about the caves start here -

Tiny Whoop Build & First Flight by scotland symons

Just wanted to do a quick update and share some of the first flights and video from my Tiny Whoop quad copter. Its a great quad and maybe my favorite yet to fly around. I am newer to FPV flying so no crazy tricks yet.

These guys have a great walk through on how to build your own and where to get all the supplies.

I also really dug the video that the Flite Test guys put together.

Flippin Tables silly afternoon project by scotland symons

I have always loved the table flipping meme and decided to build it this afternoon and now you can too and flip tables for any occasion! Flip the tables whether you’re angry, sad or happy! Often expressed as a Japanese meme in emoticons, called kaomoji, this tiny table will certainly help you express your mood in the real world when ever you need to.

The simple instructions of how to use this device are given on both the top and bottom sides of the table describing proper use.

On the Top: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (indicating the flip technique)

On the Bottom: (ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳ (indicating the table reset)

So go ahead and print yours today and never be with out the soothing stress relief of flipping a table.

Project files -

"Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or fear of tables."

Quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash by scotland symons

Like the title says just a quick tripod phone adapter for time lapse made from trash and cardboard. When filming or building I try to reuse as much of the left over or junk parts to scratch build other things. This bit of ghetto film tech will probably last a while and I didn't have to waste time 3d printing it or spending any money to get another adapter.

If you have done something similar share it because I want to see what you built!