Series Of things

I do a lot of one off projects but sometimes the work I produce is a series and here in this section is a focus on that work. Each series can be selected to expand it to see the full set of work or you can choose it out of the menu in the main bar. 


Microstellar V3

The in my series of chemicals on glass that remind me of space. All new chemicals and combinations combine to create my most vivid plates yet. 

Duo in Space

Last summer I got to help in an effort to send up a really interesting short term satellite via high altitude ballon.

Why So Selfie?

This is my ongoing self portrait series where sometimes I am in cosplay and sometimes I am just normal.


One of my favorite series this one focuses on objects on glass that remind me of things in our universe. Its a focused effort using chemical interactions to create unique interactions that to me replicate stellar formations.

Personal Wasteland

I love pop culture and from time to time I will shoot a set of self stylized portraits that capture me in a style of a certain character. A lot of the time these characters have an element that mean something to me. Plus its a chance to exercise some personal vulnerability about my self image and emotional states.

Symmetric City

The Symmetric City project was an effort to capture the beauty of geometry and symmetry of cities and urban spaces. A camera with mirrors and final digital manipulation was used to end up with the final result.

Photo by Mee Minamoto

Fire Guitar

Inspired by the Doof warrior guitar from the most recent Mad Max movie I decided to build my own. Its a riff on the style of the one in the movie and just as functional. It functions as a fully working double necked guitar and bass with the addition of fire. but significantly more safe and portable.

Instruments of imagination

This started with the fire guitar and has taken on a life of its own where upwards of 10 different instruments have been built. I am not a great musician but I still like exploring this space because it has a sense of new unfamiliarity about it that I find irresistible.

sticker mayhem

I have a secret love affair with stickers and every year I aim to make to make a minimum of two new stickers that I release into the wild and watch where they end up. How many have you collected?